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Welcome to the world of celebrity porn

Well, you may ask how come it is possible to get celebrity porn. Actually, the answer is very simple. Some of these celebrities just want to do it. They will shoot some sex tapes deliberately. To this end, Celestia Vega is certainly an excellent example. When she was still a game streaming, she just shot this Celestia Vega Porn, which is her first sex tape. This is not something leaked. It is not a scandal. She just did it intentionally.

How About Movie sex scenes

Of course, it is not unusual to see at least a sex scene in a film. However, movie sex scenes are certainly different from celebrity porn. They are not porno at the end of the day. On the other hand, they cannot even be categorized as softcore. This is because they are just “too soft”. Yet, a lot of us will still want to watch a movie sex scene. This is because they feature the celebrity or actress they love. Right, who does not want to see Angelina Jolie nude. Without any surprise, there are a lot of movie sex scenes we would love to watch. 50 shades of grey sex scenes are certainly some of the many examples you can think of. We have collected a lot of such scenes and moments in this website. You will certainly be able to enjoy all of them. Although there are a lot of such scenes, it is also important to understand that it is quite rare to see real sex scenes in movies. It is because again, they are not porn at the end of the day. They are just acting in the movies and they will not have real sex when they are shooting.

Celebrity sex tapes

This is another type of celebrity porn we can see. Usually, these tapes can be considered real porno. However, they should be treated as amateur pornographic videos. It is because these celebrities are not professional porn stars. They are usually professional actresses, though. It is possible to see the real sex of the most famous babes in the world. Usually, these celebrity sex tapes are usually leaked tapes or scandals. As what you can see are real sex actions in these videos, most people will love to see them.

As a matter of fact, some celebrities may just put the case in court if they think that such leaked celebrity sex tapes of themselves will ruin or damage their career. One example is Kim Kardashian. In 2007, Vivid Entertainment, which is a very famous porn material producer, released a 41-mine tape featuring Kim Kardashian. It was apparent that Vivid Entertainment paid 1 million dollars to buy this tape from some third-party sources. Kim Kardashian even put it in court in order to make sure that the tape will not be released. However, there were rumors that eventually she paid something like 5 million to settle the case. As a matter of fact, Vivid Entertainment publicly claimed that they tried to release it only when they were comfortable with doing that. They have more than 20 years of experience of working in the porn industry and they will certainly not release the tape if they feel uncomfortable. In fact, Vivid Entertainment does not only released this celebrity sex tape. They have quite a number of celebrity sex tapes. You can visit their site to see if you are interested.

Celebrity Alike Porn or Deepfake Porn

Another type of celebrity porn people may be interested in is probably celebrity alike porn. Although we all know that they are not real. The so-called “celebrities” in these porn videos are only porn stars who look like these celebrities. However, we will still enjoy these videos because these actresses really look like the celebrities. For instance, it is quite impossible for us to find Cameron Diaz porn videos but we will still want to watch some alike porn of her.

One last phenomenon of celebrity is what we call “deepfake” porn. Because of the advance in AI and computer technology, it is possible to map the faces or appearances of celebrities to create some “celebrity porno”. According to Wikipedia Deepfake page, it is a technique for human image synthesis. Of course, this technique is based on AI technology. People have been sharing such type of porn of celebrities like Gal Dadot, Scarlett Johansson and Daisy Ridley. Of course, they are fake. They are just created with computer programs. But they are just so hot that people love it so much. In fact, celebrities even put pressures on Twitter and Reddit to remove contents with deepfake porn in their sites.