50 shades darker sex parts – Dakota Johnson


This is one of the Fifty Shades movies. It is called 50 Shades Darker. You can still see Dakota Johnson in this movies. There are tons of sex scenes for you to enjoy. In fact, you may have already watched some 50 Shades of Grey Sex Scenes. We will certainly suggest you watch this movie as well. In terms of the sex scenes, this movie is a lot more exciting, when compared to Fifty Shades of Grey.

50 shades darker sex toys

50 Shades Darker Inspired Toys

In fact, there are comments saying that the movies are all about sex toys. Right, you will see a lot of such toys in this movie. Of course, you will see most of them from this collection of sex scenes. So, you may now wonder what kinds of 50 Shades Darker Sex Toys you will see. Indeed, a lot of toys you will see are somehow related to BDSM. This is because this movie is closely related to the idea of sexual fetish and BDSM.

Fifty Shades Darker Fetish and BDSM Toys

To this end, you will see a lot of leather toys. You can also be able to see a lot of fetish masks. Of course, there are a lot of tools and toys for BDSM that you will see in these 50 shades darker sex parts of the movie. Here is a video talking about some of the 50 shades of darker sex toys.

If you are interested in these toys, it is even possible for you to buy them online. You can visit this site, take a look at these toys, and buy them if you like. Something we must say here is that we are in no way affiliated with this website. We just find this site and feel that the toys are interesting!

Enjoy all these 50 shades darker sex parts

Well, it seems that we have not talked about the actress in this movie. It is still Dakota Johnson. You should know how beautiful and sexy she is. So we will not talk too much about her here. We would just hope you will enjoy all these sex scenes. These scenes are actually more intense than the first movie 50 Shades of Gery. To be frank, we especially love the BDSM scenes in this movie. One of the sex parts you must pay attention to is the “Red Room Scene”. Of course, we are not talking about something on the dark web! In this scene, everything is happening in a red colored room. Nearly all the BDSM tools and fetish leather toys are red in color. This scene is extremely exciting.

50 Shades Darker Anal Plug

Another scene that you must not miss is the one with an anal plug. As you may know, this type of sex toy is for putting into the anal. In this scene, Johnson even says “You’re not putting those in my butt”. You can really feel that tension in this scene. If you have a bit of experience in it, you may probably know that it can be hard to put this toy into the anus for the first time. But you will really have a lot of pleasure after you are accustomed to it.

So, just enjoy these sex parts and you will become horny, for sure!

Actors: Dakota Johnson