Kim Basinger – The Door in the Floor Scene (2004)


You must watch this if you love Kim Basinger. This is a sex scene from the movie The Door in the Floor (2004). It is sexy and horny. In this scene, she is having sex with a handsome guy. You can see Kim Basinger taking off her clothes slowly. Of course, you will not see something which you can only see from porn. But it is sure that this scene is super sexy. She takes off the clothes. And then she goes to the bed. What do they do? Well, you must know it! They are having sex. So, do not miss this video if you love celebrity sex scenes in movies. But what is more interesting is at the end of this short video. Her daughter sees them having sex and screams. At this point Basinger feels embarrassed, so as the guy. He even tries to cover his dick with something!

Actors: Kim Basinger